The tablet communicator
for therapy
and everyday use.

The A.A.C. (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) aims at improving communication skills in people with communication impairments so that they can easily satisfy their daily needs.

The most used method for the A.A.C. is the symbol notebook, which is customised on the basis of the kid’s needs. It has a specific spatial organisation and customised symbols.

In order to let A.A.C. users communicate more often and in the best possible way, Blu(e) provides an innovative solution on a touchscreen tablet, which digitalises the paper tool. This offers exceptional advantages for therapeutic and scientific purposes. Blu(e) is not only for people affected by autism disorder, but it wants to involve various supports that are addressed to spread and develop knowledge about A.A.C., and exchange competences in synergy with the communicator, the kid, the family and the therapeutic and scientific network.

  • Create AAC tables

    You can create how many AAC tables need

  • You can use your photos or AAC symbols

    Use your symbols or photos. Use the symbols in web platform or upload from your pc.

  • Choose the real audio voice in the web platform

    Attach pictures to items in the platform divided by sex and gender. Different languages are available!

What does Blu(e) include?

1) Blu(e) AAC Communicator

Samsung communicator tablet  touchscreen 10.1″ Wifi, with customized software Blu(e).

2) Non-slip protective case


3) Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker for distance communication.

4-5) Online Blu(e) platform for management monitoring the AAC communicator

USB pen drive to access the online platform.

Thematic grids on the tablet can be created through the online platform that allows single users to customize and adapt their sign grids (or pictures) with an associated sound.

Inside the personal area there is already a vocal audio list in Italian, German and English.

It is possible to match a picture (which can be uploaded from the computer) to its audio (which can be either chosen from the existing list or uploaded from your own computer)

All future updates

All updates with future software and platform functions: Blu(e) is always in evolution thanks to research conducted at the University of Trento.

Video tutorial e customer service

A dedicated customer service and video tutorial for using Blu(e).

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